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Our business-driven approach separates us from other web companies. All of our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and to create a dynamic first impression upon your audience.


Mayodesigns is a graphic design/web design/branding company located in the beautiful State of Maine. I’m Carrie Mayo, the owner and art director of mayodesigns, and I look forward to helping you achieve the success your business deserves. I have been in the graphic design/marketing business for over seven years. During this time I have had the honor of accepting awards for design and I continue to be involved in a wide variety of projects.

My mission and the mission of our dedicated team at mayodesigns is to create clean and elegantly designed, easily navigated websites that will help to grow and expand your business. At mayodesigns, we want you to know that the success of your business is our focus and our priority. We are passionate about what we do and the clients for whom we work.
{ Step 1: Listen }

One of the strongest skills in verbal communication is listening. When we ask our clients questions about themselves and their products and/or services, we give laser focus to what they are telling us because this information forms the foundation of our creative solutions in their behalf.
{ Step 2: Plan }

After gathering the information supplied by our clients, we begin to plan our research, identify their competition, and highlight the strengths and areas that make their products and/or services unique.
{ Step 3: Design }

When all information is gathered, we begin to implement our design process, offering various layouts in meetings with our clients during this process, encouraging their feedback and collaboration.
{ Step 4: Entice }

When the final website is designed to our clients’ satisfaction, potential users will be enticed to thoroughly peruse the pages. First, because it will be visually stimulating and second, because of the simplicity and ease with which they can move through it. The result of that positive first impression will continue to entice and motivate users to go to their website to contact our clients and/or purchase their


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