WebStack Corp

WebStack Corp

Cuba, Missouri, US

WebStack designs, hosts and administers web sites which enable small/medium sized businesses to succeed in the world of e-commerce.


WebStack is an e-business services company.
We design, host and administer web sites which enable small/medium sized businesses to succeed in the world of e-commerce. Our web sites are tailored to serve both independent companies and networks of retailers and wholesalers in specific industries. These online stores are provided through a subscription business model which we believe gives our customers the e-commerce benefits in the shortest possible time for a reasonable cost and minimum risk.

Three core values provide the foundation for WebStack's business:

(1) Design the service to satisfy common industry requirements.
As the Internet matures, WebStack's clients are developing complex, networked business relationships with their trading partners and customers. These relationships create opportunities for many users to share common on-line functionality through a custom interface. WebStack works closely with its clients in designing business services to accommodate these one-to-many delivery scenarios.

(2) Deliver the best technology for a great price.
WebStack uses leading e-commerce technology, made affordable through the use of shared infrastructure, subscription pricing, assembly line deployment, and software templates. We have brought the cost of this technology down by several orders of magnitude, often costing less than $150/month.

(3) Provide great service for our customers and our customer's customers.
The world’s best technology is useless unless it is there when it’s needed. WebStack has developed delivery procedures and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to provide our customers (and our customers’ customers) the applications they need with the security, reliability and accessibility they require.

WebStack partners with Cari.Net, Adobe Systems, and ProStores to bring our customers the latest and greatest e-commerce technology.


E-Commerce in-the-Cloud: Syndicated E-Commerce for Dealers & Distributors.
1. WebStack's E-Commerce-in-the-Cloud is our signature service for manufacturers, a total approach for syndicating your products online to - dealers & distributors - without building a risky, and expensive IT solution yourself.
2. E-Commerce-in-the-Cloud includes all you will need to provide your partners with a professional business presence on the Internet - design, setup, software, servers, security, and ongoing site management in a complete package. This service is an amazing value, nine years in the making - refined for your benefit.

ProStoreONE: ProStores Express Setup
1. WebStack's ProStoreONE service is designed for merchants that are just entering the world of e-commerce. The ProStores platform includes an excellent user interface for those who want to administer their own online store. However, many merchants find their initial introduction to ProStores to be either technically overwhelming or too time consuming, and decide that ProStores is not the solution for them.
2. Our Express Setup service, with administrative training and a pre-populated catalog, will get you online quickly and with the fundamental skills that will get you safely on your way.

ReACTION: Online Businesses Created with Adobe Technology
1. WebStack is a Business Catalyst reseller. We will build and host your online business while you serve your customers. Our hosted, easy-to-use, all-in-one ReACTION service is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.
2. Our ReACTION service includes:
•Content Management
•Cust. Relation. Mgnt.
•Email Marketing
•Reporting & Analytics


John Francis - Owner

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