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Affordable web hosting and affordable web design solutions. E-commerce products with card processing and Paypal integrated. Full Color printing services with design & layout.


WayneConcepts has for over 25 years now been providing the highest in quality design and creative services.
With my extensive background in graphics and graphic programs… the step to web design and eventually a fully armored web host was a small one. New services are considered, added and upgraded at astounding speeds these days as the technology behind the web evolves. With the new HTML5 and Web 3.0 coupled with CSS3?s new design handling abilities, sites are loading faster and faster.

We look forward to working with you as we explore these new changes and how they can help you and your business grow. WayneConcepts is a hands on type of web company, in that we encourage our customers to learn how to operate thier site, but with the complete understanding that not all clients have that desire or time. That’s part of our great growth we have experienced in recent years. Many of our clients love the ability to make small changes to the site without the need to call in for support.

Speaking of support…. our customer absolutely love us for it. With fast response times and clear directions, your questions are answered promptly to help keep you moving in the right direction. With our new SUPPORT TRACKING page, you can keep an eye on all your support questions and who answered them and reference them whenever needed.


Fully capable in:
Web Design
Zen cart installs
WordPress installs
Web customization
Web hosting
Logo creation
Graphics file conversion
Excel Programming
CorelDraw x5
Adobe Creative Suite CS4
Cross site promotions
Business card printing
Business card design
Digital printing on canvas
WayneConcepts is home of the affordable e-commerce solution and affordable web design. Offering unlimited products, pages, categories and traffic for your online store.


Wayne Hesler-Mondore

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