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Trig Web Design

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

We specialize in affordable web design & full SEO, with CMS sites that are easy to edit and manage. Web development and E-commerce web designs, over 8500 apps; if you can dream it, we can build it.


Trig Web Design, Inc. has been building websites since the dawn of the Internet. Founded in 1997, Trig has become one of the best web development companies in the United States, with hundreds of web designs and marketing campaigns under our belt.

We have built successful websites for companies, organizations, schools and even gaming clans. We strive to create an accurate representation of our client's image, while appealing to their customer's tastes. Our web designers are trained in more than just web design; we incorporate SEO, concepts of marketing, graphic design & web psychology so your website will create traffic and conversions for you.


Trig Web Design specializes in web design for businesses, organizations and individuals, using the Joomla CMS (Content Managed System). After years of programming and customizing Joomla systems, we've become Joomla Masters, with customized components, templates and widgets that make our easy-to-edit websites stand out from the competition. Our prices are very competitive, starting at only $899 for a four page, CMS website with SEO. No two of our web designs look alike, because we customize our extremely versatile templates to match your style and image. Don't have a style yet? Our designers have worked with dozens of different organizations, and can design you a website that you'll be proud to show off.


Best Customer Service
I highly recommend Trig Web Design for all design and hosting services. We saw an immediate and dramatic increase in web traffic as soon as our new website went online. Charlie Trig quickly and competently built our website (including a complete shopping cart system with 800 + products) and optimized it for maximum exposure on search engines. Hosting service has been spectacular. Our site is very stable and has never gone down. Regular software updates are included at no charge and the shopping cart system has plug-ins and add-ons available for any possible application. Most impressive to me is the super-fast customer service. Whenever I email or call with questions or to request customized changes, the response in immediate. I have even called Charlie on nights and weekends for changes, help, and advice. Unlike the ‘big’ providers that hosted my website in the past, Trig Web Design treats me like a person - not a number. I will never go back to the big, national, providers. Trig Web Design has exceeded our expectations in every area. Feel free to contact me for questions about our website provider and the service we receive. Sincerely, Alan Gonzalez, VBP


Trig Web Design
Raleigh, NC 27615
Toll Free: 866-570-1003

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