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Rockbridge Designs

Trenton, New Jersey, US

Rockbridge Designs creates eCommerce sites for small business and professionals only. With over 25+ yrs of Fortune 500 eCommerce experience we are located in Princeton Trenton Mercer County New Jersey


Rockbridge Designs / Hosting, provides nationwide coverage and is located in Princeton / Trenton Mercer County New Jersey. We are a division of Rockbridge Services, LLC. We are also affiliated with Rockbridge Hosting, our parent company’s computing and website server hosting division, as well as Rockbridge Publishing, Reviews and Downloads. Rockbridge Designs itself specializes in fully “Interactive eCommerce / Social Networking Websites” to execute on-line internet solutions for small businesses, professionals, trade contractors, and other small to mid sized companies who seek to improve their internet presence and increase their customer base. We are dedicated to creating a quality internet presence to “showcase ” our client’s products and services without breaking their budgets! The firm’s talent, including its founder, has well over 32+ years of technology and marketing experience from such Fortune 500 firms as: Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, Accenture and others yet we also have small family owned trade business experience. We fully understand the needs of both small and large companies and individual professionals.


We can provide all these services and more for our eCommerce platforms and solutions...

Cloud Computing eCommerce on Amazon S3, Cloudfront, Cloudflare
Wordpress eCommerce (Recommended for small businesses)
Magento (Recommended for mid-size businesses)
osCommerce, ZenCart and others...

Rockbridge Hosting Services:
New TLDs
Register A Domain
Renew A Domain
Transfer A Domain
Premium Domains
Get DNS Hosting
Products & Services
ID Protect
Business Listing
POP Email
Linux Hosting
GeoTrust Certificates
Symantec Certificates
Comodo Certificates
TRUSTe Privacy Policy
Traffic Generator
Web Site Creator
Symantec Safe Site
Wordpress eCommerce Hosting
Wordpress Cloud Computing
GeoTrust Anti-Malware
Hosting Support Services

We specialize in personalized support for Small Businesses and Professionals only.

Custom Website Design and WordPress eCommerce Installations are arranged through Rockbridge Designs at special discount rates when you register your new domain name with Rockbridge Hosting. Use Promo Code: RHOSTING on the contact us page at Rockbridge Designs for more information!

Technical Support & Maintenance Plan

8 hrs of Free Technical Support / Year: Our support contract provides 8 hrs / year of free support for website tweaks, changes, fixes and consultation each and every year if you need it without charge. This also includes minor theme edits, changing font or background colors, changing font sizes or styles, installing and configuring themes or WordPress plugins, uploading header banners or logos, email support consultation, etc. See our current labor rates for comparison and to do the math.
Plug-in Upgrades: each month well make sure all your plugins are updated to the latest stable version.
24 x 7 Website Uptime Monitoring: Monitoring of website uptime and server response. notification of downtime.


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Toll Free: 1-877-631-0609
Local: 609-631-0609

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